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We have been serving the Wellington community with trusted and reliable pest control services throughout the years. We offer our range of professional pest control and pest removal services to those who want to maintain the health and safety of their home, office, or property, and sustain its integrity without the damages caused by harmful pests. Pest control can range from indoor to outdoor use, helping to rid your space of any infestation that’s hazardous, annoying, and detrimental to the comfort of your space. We know that you’re not likely looking for pests, but they often appear when we least expect them and in places where we didn’t know they could appear. This makes it even more crucial to get the experts involved in their removal.

While we continue to serve the Wellington, NZ area, we also welcome new and returning clients from surrounding suburbs. If you’re contacting us with a pest emergency and you need our assistance right away, you can reach us through the service number provided on our website for more information. If you have a non-emergency but would still like to receive our pest control and removal services as soon as possible, you can still contact us through the telephone or by email and we’ll arrange an appointment for you as soon as possible. We’re proud to help the Wellington community feel safer and more comfortable, wherever they are, by offering the following range of pest services:

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