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Rodent/Rat Control
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Rodents and rats often appear in and around your home when there’s an open food source that they have easy access to. Some rodents that remain outdoors, such as gophers or moles, find their food sources outdoors, typically in your garden or backyard – while rats or mice – often get their food sources from edible items that are within reach, such as your basement, outdoor shed, or even on the ground level of your home. To remove and reduce the return of rodent and rats, the easiest solution is to rid the current ones and diminish any existing or future food sources that they can reach.

Outdoor Rodent Control

If you’re experiencing outdoor rodents such as gophers, moles, or even bunnies, we can help you deter rodents from wanting to return to your lawn and eat your vegetation or ruin your soil. Outdoor rodent control doesn’t typically involve spraying like we would with bugs or insects, but rather removing the primary food source to relocate the rodents instead. Since most outdoor rodents can range from field bunnies or standard moles, they simply follow their food to the next location, making it easy to get them off your property and to somewhere more appropriate.

Indoor Rat Control

Indoor rat control is a much bigger problem than outdoor rodents. When rats find a food source indoors, they’ll typically keep coming back to it to remove it entirely and find more. This can lead to more and more rats filling particular areas of your home or property, which leads to setting up traps or bait to catch them as they come in. This is often the easiest method and also means you might find some rats alive until we’re able to retrieve them and relocate them. We warn clients not to play with traps and to be aware of them with other pets and small children, as they can be dangerous when not supervised.

Removing Food Sources

The most important step to finally and completely rid your space of all types of rats or rodents, is to remove the food source. Removing the food source means the rats and rodents have no reason to bother your property or return in the future. If they find a food source they enjoy, however, they will keep coming and reproducing to create more and more that later return. By removing the food source, such as outdoor bugs and insects, as well as covering or concealing any food items in accessible areas on the ground, this will easily deter rats and rodents from spending time on your property searching for food.

Relocating Rodents

Relocating rodents is the preferred method when getting rid of them from your outdoor space. While it’s actually quite difficult to find the gophers or moles or to catch the bunnies in the act, we refrain from hurting the rodents rather than redirecting them. These pest control methods prove simpler and quicker and can result in less cleanup or harmful traps that could hurt your pets or children.

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