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Fly Control
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During the peak of summer, flies tend to be the worst, simply because they’re more likely to be attracted to the food that’s being cooked outdoors and the warmer climate which makes for more comfortable breeding. If you’re growing tired of the number of flies entering your home or ruining your barbeque, there is a solution! Using sprays, repellents, and traps, can all help reduce the amount of flies that you have present in your home and around your outdoor space.

Fly Traps

Fly traps such as fly bags, sprays, and UV lights can all help attract flies in large numbers only to kill them instantly. These methods can be purchased from us directly and are great ways to trap flies in bulk and remove them as you go. Fly traps can be placed outdoors or indoors, wherever you see the highest concentration of flies on your property. Tiki torches that emit chemical odours can prevent flies from coming near you while in proximity, similar to sprays’ effectiveness.

Fly Sprays

One of the best ways to reduce the number of flies you see in your yard or home, is to invest in a fly spray that helps kill them on the spot. In conjunction with your fly swatter, fly sprays can be sprayed into a room or directly at the flies in order to kill them instantly and without causing toxic harm to humans. Installing outdoor torches and repellents can also help reduce the number of active flies waiting to pounce on your next meal and without causing harm to you.

Preventing Flies

While there’s not magically spray that will keep flies away indefinitely, there are minor ways that you can prevent them from reproducing as quickly or from infesting your property. You can purchase protection nets for your outdoor produce to prevent flies from laying their eggs on your vegetation, and you can set up regular traps that catch them in various ways, such as sugar traps, water traps, and even chemical repellent traps. We offer a range of fly prevention methods and can help you find one to fit your budget and needs, also depending on where you’d like to install it as some traps are more useful outdoors, while others perform better indoors.


If you’re wondering what makes flies one of the most annoying pests that come into your home or property, it’s likely the rapid pace that they’re able to reproduce and the simple conditions they need to do so. Flies are ready and able to reproduce or lay eggs in organic and decaying materials, often ones you have right in your garden! Whether you’ve got a garden full of fresh fruit and vegetables or you’ve recently laid down animal manure to fertilize your soil better, you may not know you’re setting up the perfect environment to produce more and more flies. The warm and moist environment that readies us for summer is also one that provides the best breeding ground for flies, causing them to appear quickly and eager to land on your food at any given moment.

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