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Flea Control
flea control wellington

Flea control is done by spraying your outdoor space to prevent the spread of fleas from reproducing and feeding off of other rodents in your yard. Fleas can easily be spread from pet to pet or from grass to your pet, if the outdoor space has been infested. Fleas can then be carried indoors and cause rashes and itching to you and your family members. While it’s always recommended that you have a primary flea control program put in place for your pet, fleas can further be prevented by having your lawn regularly sprayed as well.

Flea Control

Flea control means ridding your garden and interiors of any fleas if they’ve already begun to spread from the outside in. Before doing so, we need to identify that fleas are indeed your problem so that we can use the right spray repellent. Once we’ve identified fleas, we can spray all corners of your home or building, your outdoor space, and provide further recommendations on how to completely rid them from the rest of your home, such as washing your upholstery, carpet, and bedsheets.

Fleas from Pets

If your pet happens to come home from the kennel or park with fleas, they can easily spread them to other parts of your home and even to you. Fleas are eager to attach onto pets of all kinds, including cats, dogs, and rodents. When fleas enter the home, they need to be removed quickly to prevent further spreading and itching or irritation. Spraying is the best and most effective way to get rid of them, and to also wash them away off your pet with a bath and off all textiles and fabrics through the washing machine.

Outdoor Flea Spraying

Outdoor flea spraying is done when the weather is dry to fully coat the lawn and completely remove the flea infestation. Our spraying techniques are designed to help kill any eggs or larvae that are present in the lawn and can spread to your pet with ease. By removing them at the source, they are then unable to reproduce and therefore spread further. Outdoor flea spraying may prevent your pets from going outdoors for a few hours, but bear in mind that this is for their safety.


Many clients question how long spraying their lawn for fleas will be effective. We recommend having your lawn sprayed 1 – 2 times a year or as the climate permits. If you find that a more humid summer is approaching, your lawn may benefit from a spray before the spring reaches its peak, and again when summer finally comes around. Humidity and heat can often cause pests and fleas to especially reproduce, while more wet or colder temperatures can cause them to become dormant or wash away any sprays that are present on the surface of the lawn. If you do have your lawn sprayed before the warmer months approach, you can trust that the flea spray will remain active and protect your yard and pet from fleas until the next cycle of spray is needed, usually within the year. If more rain is present during the humid summers, then we recommend more sprays or spraying when the rain has finally cleared.

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