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Commercial Pest Control
Pest control Wellington

Commercial pest control helps alleviate all kinds of pests that can infest your commercial space, but on a greater scale. Since there’s more space for pests to take up, they can easily find new homes in your HVAC systems, outdoor garden, indoor bathrooms and closets, or your basement, attic, and even storage space. Reducing pests in your commercial space is not only recommended for interior safety but also to help maintain the integrity of your commercial building and the health of all those inside.

Outdoor Pest Control

If you own or operate a commercial space that has an outdoor garden, walkways, or even a courtyard, you will want to make sure the space is accommodating and comfortable to all those who pass through and visit it. This can mean spraying regularly for bugs such as mosquitos, ants, and wasps, as well as ensuring that food sources are not available outdoors to attract rodents and critters, which can taunt guests or make them uncomfortable.

Indoor Pest Control

Indoor pest control helps prevent pests from spreading all throughout your commercial space and affecting larger numbers of people and office spaces than it needs to. Most indoor pests can be contained and controlled in a confined space, but if the infestation has reached the whole building, we will have to take extensive measures to remove them thoroughly for lasting safety of you and anyone else who enters the building. However, spraying regularly indoors along baseboards, doors, and windows, along with your outdoor pest control upkeep can help significantly reduce the appearance and spreading of pests throughout your indoor commercial space.

Basement/Attic Pest Control

Since basements and attics typically have air control slightly different than the rest of the building, whether they be warmer, colder, damper, or drier, the climates can easily attract different kinds of pests that want to take up residence in your property’s basement or attic. Since the basement and attic of your commercial building might be spaces that you don’t visit often or that are not occupied by businesses, offices, or regular visitors, it can take longer to notice infestations as they continue to grow. Removing them requires the same process as removing other indoor rodents, but on a larger scale and depending on the type of rodents, pests, or infestation.

Storage Pest Control

Storage rooms are another space that can easily attract new pests as guests. Because many outdoor storage spaces are damp and dark, they’re a secure breeding ground for all kinds of pests such as spiders, bats, and other creatures that enjoy the moist environment. Another sure-fire sign that your storage space is likely infested with rodents or pests is if you notice your storage items having missing pieces, such as cardboard boxes that appear chewed, or if you notice droppings around the boxes. Reducing pests in these areas is simple, once they’ve finally been identified. We’ll be sure to help keep your storage space just that – a storage space!

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