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Cockroach Control
cockroach control wellington

Cockroaches are unsightly and definitely unwanted by most. Since you can’t easily kill them like you would with ants or flies, they can continue to torment you and your interiors for as long as possible or until professionals are able to adequately remove them from the premises. We recommend contacting us as soon as possible once you spot a cockroach, as they can easily spread harmful diseases to humans such as salmonella and gastroenteritis, as well as typhoid. They can also cause allergic flares to those that are sensitive to the diseases and bacteria that cockroaches carry.

Cockroach Control

Cockroach control is more so removing them entirely and preventing them from returning, versus controlling the number of them present. Cockroaches are entirely preventable altogether with the right cleaning routines and prevention methods. By spraying your home’s interiors and exteriors yearly and having your HVAC systems checked often, you can easily keep your premises clean and deter cockroaches from wanting to approach. If your home is humid, moist, and food is readily available, of all kinds, then cockroaches can and will readily come to your home through smaller passages between windows, cracks, doors, and baseboards or cabinet boards.

Removing Cockroaches

Removing existing cockroaches also means removing their nests and food sources, as well as conditions that allow them to thrive. This can include cleaning out cabinets and closets where they might likely enter from, as well as spraying around those areas to clear them from re-entering. As professionals, we also assist with removing their nests and digging deep into cabinets or corners where they might likely build a nest or return food to. Spraying the area where the nest is retrieved from can also help kill any live or existing larvae from hatching or reproducing as well.

Cockroach Nests

To remove cockroach nests, we must first spray them using a strong repellent to kill any eggs that are still living. Then, once the nest appears dormant, we can remove it using manual techniques that are safe and dispose of it elsewhere. Spraying around your windows and cabinets is also recommended to help clear any existing or lingering cockroaches from the scene as well. Your team of HVAC experts can also help ensure that all pipes and ductwork are sealed from cockroach access, as this is the most common and easiest way for them to migrate into your home from the outside, as well as building nests in your HVAC systems, because of their warmth and moisture.

Cockroach Bait

Cockroaches, like all other pests, often follow food sources they find indoors or outdoors. When this happens, the best way to remove them and prevent them from returning is to diminish their food source. Cockroaches are often attracted to rubbish and damp conditions where scraps or moisture can easily combine into one and provide a warm place to eat and sleep. Reducing moisture and waste can also help reduce the need for cockroaches to return to the same location.

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