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Ant Control
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Ant control is often easy to manage, simply because ants are more picky about the types of foods they’re willing to migrate indoors for. Other pests aren’t as picky and are willing to take on any food source they deem appropriate, while ants are usually looking for sugary or starchy sources of food. These can include anything from syrups to honey to any desserts or treats you accidentally leave on the counter in the summer. By removing or cleaning the sugary source, ants are less likely to return or survive much longer while away from their colony.

Termite Control

Termites are somewhat similar to ants in appearance but perform difference functions when left to their own devices. Termites are attracted to certain types of moist wood and can reproduce in damp soil and warm climates. Wood is their main food source, which is why you might notice termites eating through furniture or floorboards in your basement. To prevent termites, temperature and moisture control is the most important aspect. To get rid of a current infestation, you’ll need to dry out the current wood that has attracted the termites in the first place.

What Causes Ants

The main cause of ants is, like most other pests, food! Ants have a tendency to steer away from their colonies in order to find food to bring back to them. If and when they find or smell a suitable food source, typically starch or sugar, they’ll migrate to the source in groups to hoard some of it to return to the colony. This is why you likely see streams of ants in your kitchen, versus the odd one or two that are simply lost.

What Causes Termites

As mentioned previously, termites are attracted to moisture, warmth, humidity, and wood! When these elements are all combined and meet somewhere in the middle, termites will always find their way to the source. You will be able to spot termites on furniture or wood pieces if you notice their outer appearance (a white shade) or several small bite holes through the wood itself. In order to fully rid an interior or exterior space of termites, professional pest control experts will need to dry out all damp and wet spaces, including any infested wood, as termites can easily spread from one location to another, where there is an adequate food source.

Food Control

During the warmer months of the year, it’s always recommended to have your home or property sprayed inside and out to prevent ants and termites. Both are attracted to particularly warm conditions that are readily available in the summer time and can look similar in appearance, but act differently in character. Controlling the environment and food source for both ants and termites is the number one way to reduce their attraction to your property. Opting for professional help with sprays and preventative methods can also ensure your practices of prevention are long-lasting and durable for both ants and termites.

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