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Is your home prone to pests or rodents during certain times of the year? Or do you simply have an ongoing infestation that you don’t know how to get rid of? If so, then you’re probably in need of professional pest removal and control services. By enlisting the services of professional pest control experts, your home or property can easily and quickly be completely rid of all kinds of pests that are swarming or taking up residence where they’re unwelcomed. Professional pest control experts have the tools and resources to relocate rodents, remove nests, and spray to prevent future infestations from recurring.

About Us

Pest Control Wellington Pros aims to provide the safest methods of pest control in the Wellington, NZ area. We do this by offering our affordable and dependable pest control services that help prevent your home or property from becoming a breeding ground for bugs, rodents, and insects. By removing and preventing pests, we can easily make the Wellington community cleaner, more enjoyable, and healthier for everyone!

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Our Services

Our range of pest control products and services was designed with your needs at the core of all that we do. We’re striving to make Wellington a pest-free zone and control all kinds of unwanted and unnecessary infestations that can be harmful, cause illness, or injury to those around the community. We work with local residents and businesses to remove, deter, and prevent pests and rodents of all kinds from wanting to take up residence in homes, commercial buildings, and other properties that are frequently used for everyday services.

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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control aims to help you control pests that have infested your commercial space but on a greater scale. Since commercial spaces are often bigger, it can be more challenging to find the source of food or the nests where the pests are reproducing, but we’re able to trace most pests back to the source and help remove their base to prevent them from returning or growing in numbers and size.

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Cockroach Control

Cockroach control helps to alleviate and remove the threat of cockroaches indoors. Cockroaches have been known to spread all kinds of diseases to humans and can live off of almost any food source and enter your home through warm and moist crevices. To remove them, we must remove any nests and food source, as well as sealing any entrances where they could congregate, such as through floorboards, windows, cracks, and even HVAC systems like loose pipes and ductwork.

“We got in touch with the team at Pest Control Wellington Pros and I was so impressed with how quickly they were able to rid my kitchen of those pesky ants!! They always appeared every summer and no matter what kind of spray I bought, they just kept returning. Finally, Pest Control Wellington Pros was able to get rid of them for good!!” – Tina A.

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Rodent/Rat Control

Rodents can often appear outdoors and are usually looking for food in your lawn. The most common types of rodents include bunnies, gophers, moles, and sometimes racoons or possums. Whatever kind of rodent you find visiting your lawn, we can help relocate them to a safer and more appropriate setting, aside from your lawn. Rat control, on the other hand, requires trapping the rats or mice indoors and cutting off their food source, before then removing them from the premises. Click the link If you need help in pest control west auckland

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Fly Control

Flies are often present at the most annoying of times, whether it’s when you’re eating your dinner or when you’re opening your rubbish bin to empty it. Flies accumulate around waste and debris simply for the smell and taste of food or rotting materials. By concealing your food items and installing traps and spray techniques into your regular pest control north shore routine, you can easily reduce the number of flies that actually make it indoors and around your food.

“When our apartment became infested with cockroaches, we didn’t know how to get rid of them or where they were coming from. Luckily, the guys at Pest Control Wellington Pros came over, removed one of their main nests, and sprayed the remaining area to prevent them from reproducing and coming back. Really thankful their services were cheap too!” – Bobby R.

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Flea Control

Flea control helps deter the spreading of fleas which can latch onto your pets from the outdoors and be spread throughout your indoor furniture and even to you. By spraying your lawn for fleas and giving your pet a regular flea prevention regime, you can prevent fleas from reproducing in your yard or having the resources to do so.

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Ant Control

Ant control is usually the easiest kind of pest control because ants are often attracted to particular types of food sources. Removing those attractive food sources and spraying down any potential entrances can seal off the resources for ants and prevent them from returning or wanting to build a nest nearer to you. Most ant control is done for indoor spaces, but if you find outdoor ant mines are ruining your lawn or growing too big, we can also assist with controlling or reducing them.

“I started to notice that moles were digging up my back garden and leaving trenches in my soil. I called Pest Control Wellington Pros to relocate them off my property and they did so without harming any moles or my garden. They were a friendly team of pest control pros, so I’d definitely recommend them for any future pest services!” – Sabrina K.

Call Us Today

If you’re interested in learning more about our pest control services, we welcome you to contact us directly using the service number provided on our website. When you call us, we’ll put you through to one of our friendly customer service agents who can answer all your questions and assist you with setting up an appointment or consultation for one of our pest control services. Furthermore, we also offer free estimates through the contact form on our website, if you’d like to better understand our rates when getting in touch.